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Taxes don't have to be stressful. Input your exchange trades, Bitcoin addresses, and click calculate. We pull in all necessary exchange rates, and output the finished taxes.

Maximum Privacy

Blockpath is the only crypto tax prep tool that performs 100% inside your browser. All your exchange trade data is sourced directly from the exchange to your browser. Calculations are done in your browser. None of your information ever touches Blockpath's servers.

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No Trade Limits

We don't like limits. That's why Blockpath does not increase pricing for users with more trades. We couldn't do it anyways, Blockpath can never see how many trades are loaded into your browser!

An easy and affordable Tax Prep Tool

Our tax prep is designed for the average user that simply wants standard FIFO rules applied, privacy maintained, no annoying limits on number of trades, all done at an affordable price.

Direct Exchange Sync (Coming Soon)

Sync exchange trade history directly from exchanges using your API key. Your browser talks directly with the exchange, so Blockpath never sees your trade history.

Upload Trades From Spreadsheet

Alternatively, you can upload trade history into your browser from an Excel spreadsheet document. Once again, your browser loads and parses the spreadsheet directly, your information never goes to Blockpath's servers.

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Include On-Chain Transactions

On-chain Bitcoin transactions can also be considered for tax events. Whenever you receive Bitcoin as income from customers or mining, and when you send Bitcoins, such as from purchasing goods, our tool automatically matches this data with your exchange trade history to calculate your taxes correctly.

Crypto ↔ Crypto Trades Done Correctly

Trading one crypto for another (ex: ETH/BTC market) is a taxable event. Blockpath handles these correctly by breaking them into 2 separate fiat trades, and handles all the exchange rate conversions for you.

Export as IRS 8949 PDF

We will print your results directly onto the IRS 8949 form, with short term trades, long term trades, and page summaries all filled out for you. The PDF is generated directly inside your browser for maximum privacy.

Export as Excel Spreadsheet

Alternatively, export your results into an .xlxs spreadsheet so you can handle the data however you choose. Again, the spreadsheet is generated directly inside your browser for maximum privacy.