This log will be kept up to date with the latest improvements we make to Blockpath.

February 2019


  • We have passed an extensive security review by Synopsys, testing for common attack vectors:
    • Authentication Vulnerabilities
    • Brute Force attacks
    • Information Disclosure
    • Insufficient Data Validatation attacks (SQL injection, script injection, cross-site scripting, etc...)
    • Insecure HTTPS Ciphers
    • Unsafe session management
    • ... and much more!
  • Create email contact form.
  • Blockpath Features page cleaned up


  • We are live in the QuickBooks Online App Store now!
    Find our app card here: QuickBooks Online Bitcoin Sync by Blockpath

    Press Release Here: Press Release

    Press Release Also Here: Press Release Mirror
  • New Transaction Rule System released! Create your own rules to customize how Bitcoin transactions are created in your QuickBooks Online account.
    Our goal is never have you do the same task twice. If you have custom accounting requirements for a certain customer or business, create a rule for transactions with them and we'll handle it properly the next time you transact.
  • Beautiful new product page to highlight all the useful features we've been developing for you!
  • Manually change an individual transaction's type by changing the tag in the transactions table page.
  • New options for importing payments into QuickBooks: Sales Receipt and Payment Only (no invoice). Useful if you already have an invoice created before the Bitcoin payment is received.
  • We've created a trello board for QuickBooks users to post feature suggestions and feedback to.
    Access it from the "Guides" section of the QuickBooks app.
  • New QuickBooks Guide: How to Create/Edit Transaction Rules
  • Add Quick Currency Converter within the QuickBooks app to assist with simple uBTC/USD conversions.
  • Update Documentation.

Broadcast Transaction

  • New Tool! Broadcast a signed Bitcoin transaction in hexadecimal format to the Bitcoin network, directly from Blockpath.
  • Good for anonymity because the Bitcoin network will see the transaction come from Blockpath's IP, rather than your own.

Decode Transaction

  • New Tool! Decode a signed hexadecimal transaction, to see its inputs, outputs, and the signatures involved.

January 2019


  • Create this changelog document!
  • Create box to monitor remaining Blockpath Premium subscription from within Premium apps.

QuickBooks App

  • Improved handling of multiple I/O transactions for xPubs
  • Make clearer distinction between QB accounts and non-QB accounts in account manager.
  • Add option to delete all exchange sale journal entries created by Blockpath.
  • Account for blockchain fees during transfer transactions between the user's addresses. Fees will be transferred to the 'Bank Charges & Fees' expense account.
  • Automatically repair transfer transactions upon account deletion.
    Ex: Transfer will be deleted and replaced with the appropriate payment/exchange sale transaction for the remaining account.
  • Automatically repair transfer transactions upon account creation.
    Ex: Payment/exchange sale transaction will be deleted and replaced with a transfer between accounts.
  • Improve logic during recalculation of capital gains after a change of addresses/xpubs.
  • Improve account deletion speed by batching requests together.
  • Add list of User Guides.
  • Fix reconcile incorrect blockchain balance rounding bug.
  • Other various bug fixes.

Verify Bitcoin Signed Message Tool

  • Add example data to verify message tool

December 2019


  • Graph nodes can be expanded by double clicking now.
  • Graph undo/redo ability added!
  • yPub + zPub Supported
  • Currency Converter: Fast-swap currencies button
  • IE11 Support Added...