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QuickBooks Sync

Bring together your crypto and fiat accounting with the first and only crypto app in the QuickBooks App Store. Automate the manual work of accounting by syncing your Bitcoin transactions and tax history into QuickBooks Online. Always have a live view of your Bitcoin balance, activity, and tax obligations from directly inside QuickBooks.

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Tax Preparation

A tax prep tool that handles all crypto currencies, over 120 exchanges, and unlimited trades, with a focus on privacy: all the tax calculations and data sourcing occurs directly in your browser! None of your trade history, API exchange keys, or tax reports ever touch Blockpath's servers.

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Xero Sync - Coming Soon!

We are building our Xero integration now! This app will sync your Bitcoin transactions directly into Xero, offering all of the benefits that our QuickBooks integration provides.
If you are interested, please send a quick email to us and we will let you know when it is ready!

Excel Export

Export all transactions currently loaded in your wallet in a Microsoft Excel XLSX document. Move your Bitcoin data into a simple Excel .xlsx format, so you can process it with your own tools.

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Wallet Tracker

Monitor your Bitcoin addresses and xpubs with our watch-only wallet tracker. Sort them into different accounts and use labels to easily understand your holdings. The wallet data can be stored on Blockpath's servers for flexibility, or in your browser with password encryption for privacy.

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Currency Conversion

Use our integrated app to quickly convert crypto and fiat values at current or historical exchange rates, or globally configure your display currency for all values in our app. Additionally, Blockpath is the only block explorer that can display balances and transactions in the fiat value at the time of transaction.

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xPub Analyzer

Simply the most useful xPub tool on the market. Find and reclaim any missing bitcoins by automatically scanning over 4000 possible addresses in 200 possible derivation paths to find all used addresses. Or, manually generate unlimited addresses from your xPub, see the balance of each, and copy them as text for use in outside applications.

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Bitcoin Invoicing (coming soon)

Automated Bitcoin invoicing allows you to collect payments to your own addresses, and receive an email or API notifications upon payment. Just provide a standard URL to your customers, we will direct their payment to your addresses along with contact information. Also connects to our QuickBooks Online integration, so invoices are automatically created and matched with their payment.

Email Notifications

Don't stress and waste time checking your Bitcoin balance everyday. Know where your Bitcoin are at all times. Get an email notification whenever a transaction into or out of your addresses occurs.

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