This log will be kept up to date with the latest improvements we make to Blockpath.

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June 2023


  • Massive back-end updates that you will never appreciate.
  • Support receiving Lightning Network payments for your upgrades to Blockpath Premium.


  • Auto-Reconciling: Our usual reconcile feature will now automatically run on your account every 72 hours to validate your account balance and transactions. If there is an error, our software will attempt to sync in missing transactions, and if it fails you and our team will receive email notifications. No more having to manually run the reconcile everytime you want to be sure if your balances are correct!
  • New Audit feature verifies all transactions in your QuickBooks account to check for modified or incorrect transactions.
  • Manual Reconcile times greatly reduced by 90% by batching API calls to QuickBooks.

March 2023


  • Show the user's Blockpath Premium days remaining in the account dropdown menu.


  • Fixed delete data function error.

September 2022


  • Excel export date format changed to simple numbers + slashes only (ex. 9/3/2022) for easier user programmatic interactions.
  • Prevent auto-logout when doing large excel exports.


  • Improved system monitoring so our team can respond to service outages faster and more reliably.
  • Delete tool can delete transfers.
  • Fix errors related to Sales Item, Tax Codes, and xPub change addresses.

July 2021


  • Premium Users can export unlimited transactions to Excel XLSX format.

Tool: Graph

  • Fix bug when double clicking on a cluster node to expand the hidden nodes.

June 2021


  • Allow inline address/tx summaries to be added into posts
  • Live exchange rates added to BTC values in posts.
  • Greatly optimize xPub loading speeds.


  • Allow home currency to be BTC
  • Fix setup issues for some country-specific versions of QuickBooks.

December 2020


  • Automated address naming system with over 600 groups identified. Follow the balance and transactions of exchanges, payment processors, and many other websites from within Blockpath.
  • 156 fiat currencies now supported. We now have the current and historical exchange rates of most global currencies. This allows you to view the current exchange value of your Bitcoin transactions directly in Blockpath, by selecting the currency in the settings menu.
  • Improved display of addresses and transactions in posts makes it easier to tell the story of how Bitcoin has been moving across the blockchain.


  • 156 fiat currencies supported as the Home Currency in QuickBooks.
  • Fixed sync monitor bugs.
  • Additional error reporting provided in user logs.
  • Improved handling of address labeling with your QuickBooks contacts.

Tool: Currency Converter

  • 156 fiat currencies supported.
  • Bug Fixes

July 2020


  • Blockpath Founder: First off, I apologize for Blockpath having no improvements over the last year. I've had a serious infection which left me incredibly sick and fatigued for the previous 15 months. I've finally gotten the correct surgery and treatment, and Blockpath and I are back to full speed ahead.Full Story
  • Huge loading speed improvements for addresses with large transactions. Blockpath can now present lists of transactions with thousands of inputs/outputs in only 1 second.
  • Graph styling improved


  • New accounting tab offers a traditonal invoice style report for each transaction, and allows you to finely control the data you publish to QuickBooks
  • Memo field allows you to attach details or notes to the transaction, to give clarity in QuickBooks for the transaction's purpose.
  • Contact Book, found in the wallet manager, allows you to import your QuickBooks customers, label their addresses, and attach them to transactions within QuickBooks.
  • Sync Monitor now shows progress of active reconciliations and transaction publishing, showing you immediately when Blockpath is finished pushing data into QuickBooks.
  • Invoices/Payments/Sales Receipts rules now support tax codes to specify which QuickBooks tax rules to apply to your transactions.
  • Major speed improvements for adresses with large transactions! Blockpath can now process very long transaction lists at a rate of 50 tx/min.
  • Improved tracking of each transaction's individual status in QuickBooks, helps you understand which TXs have been published and which ones may have a problem.
  • Email reminders for when your Premium subscription balance is running low.
  • Invoices will now be properly linked to Payments.

Tool: Currency Converter

  • Can now select historical exchange rates when converting between currencies!

Tool: Embed Blockpath

  • New tool allows website owners to use Blockpath's database for free to provide an address summary for your website or blog.
    Just embed a small block of code in your website, and you'll immediately have any address's balance, received, sent, first date, last date, and transaction count shown on your page.

September 2019


  • xPub Gap Limit is now adjustable from the default 20, up to a max of 200 addresses.

April 2019


  • Fiat Credit/Debit cards now accepted for upgrading to Premium, in addition to Bitcoin payments.

March 2019


  • Homepage mobile responsiveness improved.
  • New Fiat Currencies Supported: INR, AUD
  • Historical Exchange Rates for CAD, EUR, GBP extended back until March 2013.

Tax Prep (New App Release!)

Blockpath is excited to expand our offerings for professional accountants and crypto traders with the announcement of our new Tax Prep Integration. This tool handles all crypto currencies, over 120 exchanges, and unlimited trades, with a focus on privacy: all the tax calculations and data sourcing occurs directly in your browser! None of your trade history, API exchange keys, or tax reports ever touch Blockpath's servers.

Supports on chain transactions, PDF export, excel export and much more. See all features here:Tax Prep Features


  • 14 Trial Period created to allow new users to experience the app before paying.
  • Support for new home currencies: 'USD','EUR','GBP','JPY','CAD','CNY','THB','INR', and 'AUD'

February 2019


  • We have passed an extensive security review by Synopsys, testing for common attack vectors:
    • Authentication Vulnerabilities
    • Brute Force attacks
    • Information Disclosure
    • Insufficient Data Validatation attacks (SQL injection, script injection, cross-site scripting, etc...)
    • Insecure HTTPS Ciphers
    • Unsafe session management
    • ... and much more!
  • Contact Us page revamped: Created new email contact form.
  • New directory for Blockpath's list of features.
  • New product page for our accounting suite
  • Blockpath exploration features page cleaned up.
  • Homepage default post sort order set to New first.


  • We are live in the QuickBooks Online App Store now!
    Find our app card here: QuickBooks Online Bitcoin Sync by Blockpath

    Press Release Here: Press Release Mirror
  • New Transaction Rule System released! Create your own rules to customize how Bitcoin transactions are created in your QuickBooks Online account.
    Our goal is never have you do the same task twice. If you have custom accounting requirements for a certain customer or business, create a rule for transactions with them and we'll handle it properly the next time you transact.
  • Beautiful new product page to highlight all the useful features we've been developing for you!
  • Manually change an individual transaction's type by changing the tag in the transactions table page.
  • New options for importing payments into QuickBooks: Sales Receipt and Payment Only (no invoice). Useful if you already have an invoice created before the Bitcoin payment is received.
  • We've created a trello board for QuickBooks users to post feature suggestions and feedback to.
    Access it from the "Guides" section of the QuickBooks app.
  • New QuickBooks Guide: How to Create/Edit Transaction Rules
  • Add Quick Currency Converter within the QuickBooks app to assist with simple uBTC/USD conversions.
  • Update Documentation.
  • Improve product testing and exploration for logged out users.

Broadcast Transaction

  • New Tool! Broadcast a signed Bitcoin transaction in hexadecimal format to the Bitcoin network, directly from Blockpath.
  • Good for anonymity because the Bitcoin network will see the transaction come from Blockpath's IP, rather than your own.

Decode Transaction

  • New Tool! Decode a signed hexadecimal transaction, to see its inputs, outputs, and the signatures involved.

January 2019


  • Create this changelog document!
  • Create box to monitor remaining Blockpath Premium subscription from within Premium apps.

QuickBooks App

  • Improved handling of multiple I/O transactions for xPubs
  • Make clearer distinction between QB accounts and non-QB accounts in account manager.
  • Add option to delete all exchange sale journal entries created by Blockpath.
  • Account for blockchain fees during transfer transactions between the user's addresses. Fees will be transferred to the 'Bank Charges & Fees' expense account.
  • Automatically repair transfer transactions upon account deletion.
    Ex: Transfer will be deleted and replaced with the appropriate payment/exchange sale transaction for the remaining account.
  • Automatically repair transfer transactions upon account creation.
    Ex: Payment/exchange sale transaction will be deleted and replaced with a transfer between accounts.
  • Improve logic during recalculation of capital gains after a change of addresses/xpubs.
  • Improve account deletion speed by batching requests together.
  • Add list of User Guides.
  • Fix reconcile incorrect blockchain balance rounding bug.
  • Other various bug fixes.

Verify Bitcoin Signed Message Tool

  • Add example data to verify message tool

December 2019


  • Graph nodes can be expanded by double clicking now.
  • Graph undo/redo ability added!
  • yPub + zPub Supported
  • Currency Converter: Fast-swap currencies button
  • IE11 Support Added...