Test by Stevenans5895 in QuickBooks

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You can also reference transactions in your post like this: $TRANSACTIONHASH


Somebody just accidentally sent $1 using a 3BTC fee! by mewald55 in BigFees

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Small update... So I looked into the sending address here:


It has had hundreds of transactions, and always seems to send/receive a small amount of Bitcoin. It is likely an address that is programmatically controlled, which means that the 3BTC fee may have been a programming error. The owner still doesn't seem to have noticed, because the address is still receiving coins normally.

The Eternal Love Letter by mewald55 in Interesting

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Yup, click on the table or graph tabs at the top to see the bitcoin transactions, and expand each transaction with the '+' sign. The love letter is just spelled out with bitcoin addresses, it isn't a separate file or anything :)

I think you are first user, thank you so much for giving it a try!


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