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Hello KD,

I'm looking into your case now. Blockpath should create QBO accounts for each of your addresses/xpubs you add into Blockpath, and begin syncing all transactions into QBO after completing the setup and enabling the sync from our dashboard.

I'll send you another message soon when I have more information.


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Hello KD,

I believe I've found the issue. I think a portion of Blockpath's UI during QB account creation is confusing and could be improved to make the process clearer.

A Blockpath wallet supports having private Blockpath-only addr/xpubs, along with QuickBooks addr/xpubs. Unfortunately, when upgrading a Blockpath account to support QuickBooks, the Blockpath-only items need to be deleted from the wallet and re-added as a QuickBooks item.

I'll send you an email with a more detailed response. I've added a small warning in the account manager window to explain this as well.

To your initial balance question: Currently, no, you can not set an initial balance for an account. All transactions for the addresses are synced into QuickBooks from the start.

Previously, I did have a feature to start the transaction sync from a start date the user enters and set an initial balance for transactions before that, but this complicated the capital gains/losses + reconcile features a bit. If this is something you are interested in, I can definitely look into it again, it is possible.

Thank you so much for using Blockpath. I really hope this can make your accounting easier, manual data-entry is no fun! I'm available 100% to make this better for you, and I'm crediting your account for an extra week free for your troubles.



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