QuickBooks is showing the wrong ending balance by greg77 in QuickBooks

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Hello Greg,

We have noticed that bug before, and we have confirmed it is a problem with QuickBooks. It can happen when an account is deleted and then recreated in a short time period, QuickBooks gets confused on the account's balance somehow.

It can be fixed by simply running the Reconcile feature from within QuickBooks (not Blockpath!). That seems to force QuickBooks to recalculate the account's balance and should fix the issue.

I'm glad you are enjoying our app!

Thank you!


New Features: Privacy oriented address tracking with address+tx labeling. by blockpath in Blockpath

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Thank you! I really appreciate it. I'm working everyday to make it better, if you have any ideas just send me a message and I'll look into it

The transaction that can XSS attack unprepared block explorers by [deleted] in Interesting

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Need to redo this post to get new tx data that includes confirmations

newqueuaslkdjfasijf by [deleted] in frontpage

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yes sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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