How to import transactions WBO/Blockpath - not using wallet by olivebit in QuickBooks

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Currently our software can only import transactions from on-chain transactions. However, with the rise of off-chain transactions (Lightning Network), we are investigating allowing importing of an excel sheet of transactions into QuickBooks.

The transaction types we use are Sales Receipt OR Invoice+Payment for incoming transactions, and Journal Entry for outgoing payments (since we automatically calculate capital gains within QuickBooks for you!).

When developing the service we looked into using Bitcoin as an inventory stock item, but there were many issues with it that I don't recall now. We use Bitcoin as a foreign currency using the multicurrency abilities of QuickBooks.

How to export taxes from quickbooks? by gglife in QuickBooks

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QuickBooks does have the ability to export data from the Reports page as excel, but honestly its not as easy of a process as we would like it to be. We covered how to do this here

However, we are close to releasing a full tax prep integration that will do this for you plus much more. We are planning for the tax entries in QuickBooks to be more for constant reference of your tax obligations from your normal QuickBooks accounting, while the tax prep integration will be a fully featured tool that supports exchanges + other cryptos when it comes time for tax reporting.

Hang tight, the tax prep tool will be ready in about a week, and it will be included for free in your Blockpath Premium subscription. I'll send you a message when its available. -Matt

Accounting for Opening BTC Balance in QBO by TacT in QuickBooks

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Hello KD,

I believe I've found the issue. I think a portion of Blockpath's UI during QB account creation is confusing and could be improved to make the process clearer.

A Blockpath wallet supports having private Blockpath-only addr/xpubs, along with QuickBooks addr/xpubs. Unfortunately, when upgrading a Blockpath account to support QuickBooks, the Blockpath-only items need to be deleted from the wallet and re-added as a QuickBooks item.

I'll send you an email with a more detailed response. I've added a small warning in the account manager window to explain this as well.

To your initial balance question: Currently, no, you can not set an initial balance for an account. All transactions for the addresses are synced into QuickBooks from the start.

Previously, I did have a feature to start the transaction sync from a start date the user enters and set an initial balance for transactions before that, but this complicated the capital gains/losses + reconcile features a bit. If this is something you are interested in, I can definitely look into it again, it is possible.

Thank you so much for using Blockpath. I really hope this can make your accounting easier, manual data-entry is no fun! I'm available 100% to make this better for you, and I'm crediting your account for an extra week free for your troubles.


Accounting for Opening BTC Balance in QBO by TacT in QuickBooks

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Hello KD,

I'm looking into your case now. Blockpath should create QBO accounts for each of your addresses/xpubs you add into Blockpath, and begin syncing all transactions into QBO after completing the setup and enabling the sync from our dashboard.

I'll send you another message soon when I have more information.


QuickBooks is showing the wrong ending balance by greg77 in QuickBooks

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Hello Greg,

We have noticed that bug before, and we have confirmed it is a problem with QuickBooks. It can happen when an account is deleted and then recreated in a short time period, QuickBooks gets confused on the account's balance somehow.

It can be fixed by simply running the Reconcile feature from within QuickBooks (not Blockpath!). That seems to force QuickBooks to recalculate the account's balance and should fix the issue.

I'm glad you are enjoying our app!

Thank you!


New Features: Privacy oriented address tracking with address+tx labeling. by blockpath in Blockpath

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Thank you! I really appreciate it. I'm working everyday to make it better, if you have any ideas just send me a message and I'll look into it

The transaction that can XSS attack unprepared block explorers by [deleted] in Interesting

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Need to redo this post to get new tx data that includes confirmations

newqueuaslkdjfasijf by [deleted] in frontpage

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yes sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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