Announcing Blockpath's Tax Prep Tool! by blockpath in CryptoAccounting

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I got your message last week and finally had time to try this.

For just extracting capital gains from my Bitcoin addresses, it was straight-forward and useful. The exchange import was slightly time-consuming because I had to change the spreadsheet data around, but after that it worked nicely.

I would like to see a way to manually edit transactions, or to easily input a transaction without needing the spreadsheet import.

Looking forward to seeing how your business grows!

QuickBooks Guide: How to Create/Edit Transaction Rules by blockpath in QuickBooks

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I think this feature is a step in the right direction! My client has many invoices across various customers that I have to match with payments, and if these 'Transaction Rules' could automate that, it would be very useful to me. I'll play around with the new tool a bit more soon. -Greg

QuickBooks is showing the wrong ending balance by greg77 in QuickBooks

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Yup, that fixed it! That's weird QuickBooks does that, thank you though.


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